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HIATUS [07 Sep 2005|09:18pm]

Unspeakable MP3s will now go on Hiatus. I have joined tennyonokoe as one of the their posters. I post music there as sunleth. It has been hard to try and update music in two music lj's, especially now since school has just started for me.

Anyway, if you liked the music I posted here, you'll like the stuff at tennyonokoe, too. :] Make sure you check it out! Many new Japanese and Korean albums and singles have been uploaded.

Lastly, thank you all for supporting this music LJ. See you soon at TNK. :)
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coming soon [30 May 2005|02:35am]
Sorry for the un-notified hiatus. School has been harsh.

A new update will be coming soon. And of course, it will include KOKIA's "Remember me" album, as I promised last entry.

POLL: Which of these would you like to see in the next update? (pick up to 3)

A. 庾澄慶 Harlem Yu (Yu Cheng Ching) - 靠近 (album)
B. 孫燕姿 Stephanie Sun (Sun Yan-zi) - LEAVE (album)
C. F.I.R. - 我要飛-尋夢之途全紀錄 I Wanna Fly (mini album)
D. Mai Hoshimura - EVERY (single)
E. Maaya Sakamoto - LOOP (single)
F. The Lion King Special Edition Soundtrack
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FRIENDS ONLY [30 Sep 2004|09:57pm]
Ayumi Hamasaki
read these rules BEFORE you comment!
rules last updated: june 28

1. Comment if you download any songs.
2. Comment even if you didn't download anything. (Note that I do friend-cuts about once a month.)
3. Support the artists. These mp3s are for sampling purposes.
4. Add the word 'pineapple' in your comment to be added. That way, I'll know that you have read this.
5. Add me back to your friends list.*

* It's easier for me to just check the box beside your name to be added instead of copying and pasting. Please wait one week at the most for me to add you.


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#0006: small update: Mai Kuraki - Like a star in the night [06 Aug 2004|06:20pm]

& Comment if you download.
& Download one file at time; Winzip/WinRar
* Removal: until bandwidth limit exceeds

 Mai Kuraki
 Like a star in the night
 GIZA studio

1. Like a star in the night
2. Give me one more chance
3. Like a star in the night ~a capella ver.~
4. Like a star in the night (Instrumental)

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#0005; #0004 (re-upload); HIATUS: Ayu, B'z, BP, C&A, CML, Maaya Sakamoto, CoCo, Elton John, #004 [18 Jul 2004|06:51pm]

This media journal will be on hiatus for two weeks, for a number of reasons:

% Bandwidth problems.
% There were 117 downloads, but only 4 comments.
% I will be on vacation for two weeks.

& Comment if you download.
& Rules on Info Page.
& Download one file at time; Winzip/WinRar
* The mp3s that were down are re-uploaded in this entry.
* Removal: July 31st


Artist: Ayumi Hamasaki
Title: Fly High (Vincent De Moor Remix Radio Edit)
Album: ayu-mi-x II version US+EU
Language: Japanese
Rating: B+
Comments: 128kbps; 3'51". I'm still more attached to the Original. Nothing much has changed except for the rap being before the whole singing, extra instrumental stuff, and less singing. It's shorter than the original too.

Artist: B'z
Title: ONE
Album: The Ballads ~Love & B'z~
Language: Japanese
Rating: A+
Comments: 192kbps; 4'10". Theme song for one of the Meitantei [Detective] Conan movies. A really nice ballad - one of my favourite B'z songs. Also the first B'z song I've ever heard.

Artist: Bonnie Pink
Title: It's gonna rain!
Album: Heaven's Kitchen
Language: Japanese
Rating: A-
Comments: 128kbps; 4'41". Very first Bonnie Pink song I've heard. An ending song for the anime, Rurouni Kenshin. The notes are real hard to sing without the instruments. I love singing this when it's bright and sunny. Even better when it's cloudy.

Artist: CHAGE & ASKA
Title: SAY YES
Language: Japanese
Rating: A-
Comments: 192kbps; 4'43". The oldest song uploaded in this journal so far. CHAGE & ASKA's single in 1991. The theme song for this Japanese Drama titled something about marrying.... Very nice ballad.

Artist: Changin' My Life
Title: ETERNAL SNOW ~diamond dust mix~
Language: Japanese
Rating: A
Comments: 192kbps; 4'13". I think I like it even more than the original. It's more upbeat, and I just like the instruments used. I love myco's voice. I must buy Changin' My Life's albums when I go on vacation.

Artist: Maaya Sakamoto
Title: Another Grey Day In The Big Blue World
Album: Easy Listening
Language: English
Rating: A
Comments: 128kbps; 5'02". Maaya's English is pretty good - especially in this song. I really like the lyrics to this song. Plus, Maay's voice is real nice. A real good song for easy listening. :]

Artist: 李玟 (CoCo Lee)
Title: 藍天 (Blue Sky)
Language: Mandarin
Rating: B+
Comments: 192kbps; 4'19". Also good for easy listening. Makes you feel like you're lying on the grass, staring at the blue sky above... Ahh, the sky is the limit.

Artist: Elton John
Title: Can You Feel The Love Tonight [REMIX]
Album: The Lion King Special Edition Soundtrack
Language: English
Rating: A-
Comments: 192kbps; 4'08". Just as good as the Original, with all the mixes of instruments. The chorus sounds a bit too plain and boring compared to the rest of the song though. But - still a good remix.

Re-upload of the previous rotation: I'm terribly sorry that my bandwidth limit was exceeded. I hope it will never happen again. Here are all the songs that were down from the last update.

Artist: Ayumi Hamasaki
Title: Depend on you
Album: Depend on you [single]
Language: Japanese
Rating: B+
Comments: 192kbps. I like how the bridge builds up to the chorus. I love the guitars in there. :D I guess this is a typical Ayu song. It didn't really move me. I didn't remember this song existed at all, to be harsh. But it's nice for easy listening. :D

Title: Future Express
Language: Japanese
Rating: A
Comments: 192kbps. 2nd CORE OF SOUL song I've ever heard. Yes, I'm a bit slow. :P I really like the vocals. The lyrics are quite interesting. Gahh, I must buy their album!

Album: LOVE LOVE LOVE [single]
Language: Japanese
Rating: A-
Comments: 192kbps. I actually first heard this song while playing a DDR-like Japanese game. The song was there! I then bought a Japanese Drama CD, and this song was in here. :D I love DREAMS COME TRUE.

Artist: SPEED
Album: STEADY [single]
Language: Japanese
Rating: A-
Comments: 192kbps. The very first SPEED song I have ever heard of! This makes this song special, ya? :P This song is good, but the chorus kind of bothers me. I still love it, since it's SPEED. They look so happy on their single cover~

Artist: 李玟 (CoCo Lee)
Language: Mandarin
Rating: B+
Comments: 192kbps. I'm not "so crazy" over this song, but I think it's all right to just listen to. CoCo's vocals in the beginning are quite weird for me. I still prefer her ballads the most.

Artist: 劉若英 (René)
Title: 我等你 (I Will Be Waiting For You)
Album: waiting for you
Language: Mandarin
Rating: A-
Comments: 192kbps. "I Will Be Waiting For You" was the English translation for the song on the CD. And then they translated the album just "waiting for you". I wasn't sure which one to use. Well, this is a nice song, especially the acoustic guitar's opening.
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