Unspeakable MP3s (unspeakablemp3s) wrote,
Unspeakable MP3s

coming soon

Sorry for the un-notified hiatus. School has been harsh.

A new update will be coming soon. And of course, it will include KOKIA's "Remember me" album, as I promised last entry.

POLL: Which of these would you like to see in the next update? (pick up to 3)

A. 庾澄慶 Harlem Yu (Yu Cheng Ching) - 靠近 (album)
B. 孫燕姿 Stephanie Sun (Sun Yan-zi) - LEAVE (album)
C. F.I.R. - 我要飛-尋夢之途全紀錄 I Wanna Fly (mini album)
D. Mai Hoshimura - EVERY (single)
E. Maaya Sakamoto - LOOP (single)
F. The Lion King Special Edition Soundtrack
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